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  • My Inspiration

    I worked in the Theatre for many years...as a director, it was a process of creating visual and emotional imagery that propelled the piece forward.  In most of my photography, I try to use these same sensibilities.

  • The Future

    We are constantly upgrading, shooting, and coming up with new inspirations.  Our goal is to create an image that will not only inspire you and all of your friends, but one that will still evoke the essence of "you" in years to come.  It is a moment, but one that is sustainable for the future.  Composition and light have always been the key to any photographic experience...the movement from a three-dimensional being to a two-dimensional format separates the casual photographer from the artist.  It is difficult to call one's self an artist, when in fact, the art comes from the relationship between the piece and the observer.  I simply want to help facilitate that relationship.


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